What It Takes To Be Successful 

​Was sooooooo down yesterday…was going post something really hateful, evil and hurtful about a person who hurt me … but I told myself I’m better than that (told ya’ll growth is a mutha󾌪but LAWDDDDDD did it take HELL A WILLPOWER ) …plus I’m building a brand so I have to think twice with anything that my name is attached to…if I’m going to continue  be successful. Now while I’m still dealing with the hurt (& trust me it’s HARD as hell… especially when it came from a family member that I trusted with my life) as much as I want to be an ass and do the whole eye for an eye thing… I’m being still for once & leaving it in God’s hands… Though that so is much easier said than done󾌼…but when I woke up this morning to see myself still sitting pretty on the best sellers lists (thanks to my amazing readers ❤) & to a great person I met a while back…(who is also an avid reader) that admitted that she was sleeping on me…but that she  was wrong and she loved Taste Us Together & to the tons of others who have told me they enjoyed by new book since it’s release…I kind of remembered that I got too much going for me & more important things to be concerned about than to put on my petty bonnet & be ignorant…so ya’ll please pray for me because I truly believe that Jesus has got some freaking awesome things in store for me…if I can just stop being hotheaded…. head strong and impatient when I just need to go down somewhere…lol…that’s that damn ♈ in me…I’m working on it thou󾌩󾌩󾌩…I got this…I think! Lmao! #stillaworkinprogress #lordgivemestrength #thatariesinme  #revengeisminesaidthelord #butlordcanipleasejustgetonegoodhit #okayjesusillbegood  #winning #tasteustogether #youbettergetyouacopy

Taste Us Together 

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Taste Us Together 

“Gabriel, is everything okay?” Mild concern hampered December’s relaxed demeanor. 

“No, it’s not. And we’re going to have to rectify the situation right now.” 

“What…rectify what?” she asked, totally confused. 

“This need, this hunger I have to kiss you, from your upper lips to your lower lips and beyond. I want an all-access pass to do things to your body that’ll make your breath hitch, have your body skating through various plateaus of pleasure, your teeth and fists attacking the sheets and screaming in overwhelming ecstasy of astronomical proportions. Starting from this moment right here, right now, until our time expires Sunday morning.”

 Swallowing hard, December slowly tore her eyes away from Gabriel, as she was now no longer confused, but so turned on that she was too scared to even move, for fear that she might pass out from all the excitement and euphoria that was coursing through her body, making her clit throb and her pussy lips swell. Completely at a loss for words, she just stood there in shock. 

“December, come on, say something. My dick has been half-mast since the night we met. And it’s cool if you say no. I’ll just go jack off to you again, but I have to be honest, I much rather be inside of you than just thinking about what I want to do to you. Whatever happens has to happen now, because I’m pretty sure that I could drill pavement right about now.”

“Um, I-I don’t know what to say.” She continued to avert her gaze to everything in the room but the person she should be acknowledging. 

“Really?” Gabriel closed in the space between them until he was standing behind her, then he ever so gently pulled her back toward him, until their bodies touched. He leaned his head down just enough for the hairs of his goatee to tickle the side of her neck and softly whispered, “That’s pretty amusing, considering the fact that you’ve been silently screaming for me to screw you all day.”

 Inhaling, she trembled slightly when his left hand traveled up her side, and circled her nipple through the thin, see-through shirt she was wearing.

“I-I don’t recall such a conversation. You must have me confused with another woman.”

“Oh no, between your thick thighs, perky breasts and your full lips, I know I have the right woman. And I want to do some rather interesting things to that woman.”

“Like what?” she whispered breathlessly, as she further arched into his touch. 

“Run my hands along her body to see what makes her moan,” he said, as he began slowly unbuttoning the back of her vest.

“Hmmmmm, what else?” December’s eyes slid closed.

“I want to taste her, swirl my tongue in her nectar, and make her scream for me to stop and fuck her harder with my tongue. And I can’t wait to slide inside of her and give her orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm.” His hands snaked around her hips and slipped between her thighs. 

“Sounds like the stuff erotic dreams are made of.” Labored breathing gave way to soft broken moans. 

“You don’t know the half of it, but you will by morning.”

  Actions took over where words were no longer needed, as Gabriel ceased tracing his fingers over her pussy lips and slipped into her warmth, while simultaneously covering her lips so ardently, it took her breath away. The immediate wetness that pooled around and through his fingers was more pleasurable than he’d expected, so much so, that he couldn’t spend another minute without being inside of her. Scooping the incredibly sexy beauty into his arms, he carried her over to the bed, carefully placed her down in the center, removed her shirt, and then her thong. While he gazed at her naked perfection, he quickly undressed, slid his condom from his pants pocket, ripped it open and unrolled it.  Sheathing himself with the rubber, he stood over her in full salute.

Taste Us Together

Taste Us Together
Unedited sneak peek…

December couldn’t remember the last time she had as much uninhibited fun as she had spending the day with Gabriel. After partaking in an extremely filling breakfast, where December and Gabriel shared most of their sides orders, the two went down to the Stranahan Theater and caught a live show before trying their luck at Hollywood Casino. Not even ten minutes after they walked into the door, they both hit thirty thousand dollar jackpots.  and soon after collecting their winnings, December and Gabriel sat down to a scrumptious dinner at J Alexander. After appetizers, a three course meal and dessert, the two were ready to go have some more fun. I’m stuffed. Gabriel looked down at his now empty plate and then over to December’s half eaten dinner and chuckled. You should be with that huge steak you devoured. She snickered while reaching for her glass of ice water. Hey, I couldn’t help it. I’d worked up quite an appetite running around  town with you today. Yeah well maybe if you’re nice to me, I might just help you work it off. How nice do I have to be? He leaned in and asked seductively. Enough to make me come on your tongue even harder than you did last night. Damn, so you want me to outdo what I did last night? I don’t know, after as many times as we banged each others brains out, you shouldn’t have any come left in you. Oh I have plenty. Well as soon as I take care of the check, let’s blow this joint and go back to the room. Make it happen then sexy. Now reaching for her wine, she sipped the reminder of the burgundy liquid as she watched Gabriel reach into his wallet for his credit card. Good God, one man shouldn’t be able to make my clit throb on demand. Yet, here he is as sexy as sin and has got me wet enough to quench a dying man’s thirst.  I’m actually ashamed to say that I’ve never experienced this kind of sexual intensity or felt so safe with a man I’ve just met before. What a man. Good thing, this is a bunch of no attached fucking and spending time together otherwise my ass would be in deep trouble. December? You okay? You look pretty deep in thought over there. I’ve asked you twice if you were ready to go but I never got a response. Yes, I’m sorry everything is perfect. She mentally shook herself from her daydream. And that’s the fucking problem. Shit just seems a little bit too perfect between us for my liking. But this is only a fling, so I may as well loosen up and enjoy. Right? Perfect huh?  Gabriel questioned skeptically. Absolutely. Does perfection bother you? Only when in terms concerning you. Then you’ve got one big ass problem because as close to perfection as you’re ever going to get. Um pretty cocky are we? Absolutely! And while we’re on me, I want you to remember these last couple of days and think, that perfect weekend with that erotic, romance writing sex addict was one of the best weekends of my life. He chuckled. Ha! That definitely sums it up but whose the addict, you or me? Hell I would normally say me but after last these last couple if nights with you, I’ll still trying to figure it out. I’ll admit, you’re giving me a run for my money. He laughed. Why is this man’s laughter so incredibly sexy to me?  Why is this man himself such a delicious piece of chocolate? I wonder if he’ll agree to a no strings attached thing? Then again, those no string deals are a bitch. Someone always ends up catching feelings. And I would hate for it to be my sensitive, emotional ass. But hell, the heartache just might me worth it, if he long strokes my pussy like he’s been doing. Hello, penny for your thoughts sexy? I’m so sorry, I don’t mean to keep zoning out. Guess I’m a little more exhausted than I realized. Uh huh, I just bet you are. Come on sexy? With a grin peppering his lips, Gabriel extended his arm for December. She encircled it in her own, gently laid her head on his shoulder and they strode out into the below freezing winter night.  I’ve been meaning to ask you, how did your speaking engagement go at the convention. I thought I would’ve had time to sneak out but once I’d finally made my way over toward my table after talking to you, I was never able to get away again. December asked just as the frigid temperatures caused a chill snake up her spine. Went pretty good. I didn’t know it would be separate from the main convention until right before it started. My agent Brandi said she thought she told me but I didn’t recall. Wasn’t a big deal though, those things just go a lot smoother when  everything I do is all in my setting. I’m always so nervous when I do speaking engagements. Gabriel replied as he drove out onto the deserted road back toward the hotel. Really, why? You’re a household name, you still have a fear of public speaking? Well, I’m human. Just because I’m a household name doesn’t mean anything. Its actually makes it even worse in my opinion. So many standards to live up to, opinions flying out of everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I just have my preferences. Understandable. I hadn’t looked at it like that. Yeah most people don’t, myself included but I must say, I wouldn’t change a think, as long as I can continue doing what I love. Same here. There’s just something about doing what makes you happy, that truly makes you happy. December’s soft, warm laughter gave Gabriel a feeling he never felt before. A feeling that made him feel both slightly uncomfortable and a little uneasy. A feeling he didn’t want to acknowledge because he didn’t want to deal with everything that came with it. So he quickly checked himself and brushed it off. Because he just wasn’t interested in anything more than a fling. Do you have any books left? Yeah I have a few back at the hotel. Why do you ask? Well my mom, sister, best friend and I are all huge fans of your work and when I told my sister you were here, she pretty much threatened my life if I didn’t bring her an autographed copy of your new book. And I have to admit, I really would like one for myself. Ah, so you’re a groupie. He hearty deep laughter warmed her once again. I wouldn’t say all that. Then what you would say? I’d say that you’re an awesome writer and I’m a big fan of your talent. All right, well put. I guess I can guess I can see  what I can do for you and your family.  Thanks, I really appreciate it. No problem. Will you take a major credit card or check? No, checks. And I try to sheer clear of plastic but in your case, may I’ll make an exception if you’re willing to do something for me. Um, what did you have in mind? Her knowing grin caught his eye. How about a little ride? The smirk that on Gabriel’s face as he pulled into the full hotel parking lot. A ride? You mean a ride like the one were taking right now? December knew exactly what he was getting at but she just couldn’t resist teasing him. No I mean, me inside of you and you riding my dick until we both come all over each other. Oh, well when you put it like that, I’d love to ride you for the rest of the night Gabriel. For the rest of the night huh? You sure about that, you know the night is still young. Hey, whatever you can dish out I can take, for as long as you can give it. So what you should be asking yourself is how long can you handle me. She sucked her teeth trying to hide the slow grin that crinkled her corners of her mouth. I can show you better than can tell you but you’re going to be up all night fucking around with me. You okay with that? Glancing over at Gabriel in a lust filled gaze, December’s nipples hardened into  pebbles and brushing harshly against  the thin material of her blouse, poking through as if screaming to be entertained, to be licked, lathered and sucked on like caramel apple lollypop. What is it about this man? I want him so damn bad. He does things to me, I don’t yet understand. Shaking off her fleeting thoughts, December was tied of playing around, she wanted to get down to business and want to make sure that she left no room for doubt. Did you hear me complain the first, second or third time you slid inside me?

Bring your hot ass over here. Gabriel grabbed December by the opening of her coat and pulled her into his strong bulging, creamy milk chocolate arms, lowered his mouth to hers and covered her lips with his. The heart stopping kiss was enough to the almost knock her off her feet and right into his embrace. Without warning Gabriel pinned her to the elevator wall as they begin to ascend and completely ravished her, practically devoured her with kisses, kinky swirls of his tongue and wondering hands as he pressed moaned and kneaded her ass and titties like fresh dough. His touch was precise with a forceful yet gentle nature as he ground his body against her kissing every single inch of skin he could uncover.  December you’re becoming a vice that I can’t let go of. His voice thick with need and anticipation had December’s thong drenched with her own juices as she dipped her head back while he marked the sensitive skin of her neck and chest with passionate marks of amazing delight. Gabriel, what are you doing to me? I can’t think with kissing me like this  Securing her grasp around his neck, she leaned into him as he slid his hands up her shirt, yanked her bra cups down and suck her fat nipples into his mouth. One after the other, he swirled, dipped, bite and sucked until the light skin around them we’ll gently bruised. Got damn, oh yes, she leaned her head forward and shock gently as the pleasure was becoming too much. When the elevator dinged on their floor, Gabriel rushed out and didn’t stop until be was in his room. He didn’t give December a chance to do anything but remove her coat and bent over the dresser by the door as he swiftly covered himself and slammed into her with an almost desperate roughness. Gabrielllll yessss fuck me real good! She screamed as she bounced her hot pussy back down on  dick. She was  quickly getting used to the size and girth of him. Yes yes yes. She braced herself on the dresser, grasping and scratching at the corners and edges as Gabriel pounded away so thoroughly, until she was beginning to grow weak in the knees from the pleasure. Where you going baby, not yet. We’re still quite a ways from that finished line. He whispered as  yanked a hand full of her hair and thrust into her again.  Removing his jacket and shirt, he now had move room to move freely and ram into her sweetness harder and with more complex stroke. He tightened his hold on her hips at a more secure angel before dipping back into her wetness. She was so wet, she was dripping down her thighs. Shivering warmth spanned her entire body each and every single time their body connected. Oh my Godddddd, my pussy is soooo-sooooo wet. December screamed, her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she felt as euphoria grew near. She bit down hard on her shirt collar as the waves of rapture begin to slam into her. December baby, I can’t hold it any longer baby. I’m coming. He was ramming into her pussy with so much force, the dresser begin slamming into a wall, cracking the finish. Oh shit me too. I’m almost thereeeeee! Fuck this pussy. Yesssss. December’s shouts of ecstasy could be heard through the all the way down the hall they were so loud. As soon as she screamed her release drenching Gabriel’s dick, he yelled as his nut exploded, filling the condom. Gabriel, we definitely have to do that again. She smiled, licking her lips as she slipped down onto his dick one final time. Oh we are December. I’m about to fuck you all over your suite and mine for as long as you can take it.


This Is Only The Beginning!

After leaving a good friend’s bridal shower yesterday, I was approached by two former coworkers. Now we only spoke in passing, during the time we worked together, so I knew very little of them on a personal level. Anyway, the first lady came up to me and said,

“I’ve been hearing great things about you. I didn’t know you wrote so many books. Congratulations on all of your success. You’re such an inspiration. Where can I purchase your books? I’m so happy for you.”  Then the second lady approached and said to me,
“Give me a hug girl. I am so proud of you. You really out here doing your thing!”

After thanking them both for their kind words and encouragement and explaining to them where they both could purchase my books, we parted ways. As I moved to my car, I realized that I was still smiling at what just happened to me. And on my forty five minute drive home I got to reflect on just why that was…

You see not only did their words mean the world to me but it let me know that someone is always behind the scenes rooting for you to succeed. Cheering for you to do you best. Praying that you chase your dreams down and never let them go. You never know who you’re an inspiration too. You just never know. And its crazy because I never consider myself to be an inspiration to anyone. I’m just another person who didn’t give up on their dreams…

When I get approached like this it is a truly humbling experience for me.(And it happens more than I realized.) It’s a high I can’t explain. I just truly felt blessed that these ladies even came up to me  to even come up to me in the first place and just tell me such things
Now this may be small to you but to me what they did was encourage me and further solidify that I’m on the right track when it comes to going after my dreams.

Don’t get me wrong tho, I know that, though I’m still paying my dues, I’m definitely on the right track. But I do get discouraged sometimes. I find myself drowning in the negativity of others sometimes. I do find myself listening and worrying more about the people who put me down and discourage me than I do about the people who uplift me. I do wonder if following my dreams is still a good idea at times. I even debate about quitting because I don’t feel like I get the support and love I deserve.

But then I remember, that I really love what I do and my trails are all apart of the process and that as long as I have support of those close to me no matter how small, I’m doing better than I thought…

I was terrified when I decided to chase my dreams and I still am… but when you have people like this in the background, giving you the thumbs up and encouraging you to push through your pain to whatever dream you want to accomplish in life, you know that God has truly blessed you and that this is only the beginning.

So just to be clear, I am truly blessed and this is only just the beginning! 17 books and counting. God is good!



Hopefully… You’ll Get The Pleasure

I write from the heart, with the hope and intention that you enjoy my work but I also write for me. I need to get these stories out of me. To get this poetry out of me. If I keep all of this emotion in me, I’ll explode. I need to record on paper how life makes me feel… Why life makes me feel… Which in my opinion is what makes me a damn good author.

But most won’t give me a chance to let me touch their soul with my words and possibly change some of their views on life into a less judgmental more positive outlook on people like me. People that are so in love with what we do, we bare our naked soul to you through each piece we birth into the world. And I don’t mean the surface of who we are either.

I mean my writings are powerful enough to reach into your heart and control the way it beats for the rest of your life. So please don’t assume that because I am unknown and that I work at another small independent press that my  words aren’t grand enough to change your life.

Stop trying to take my importance from me, stop trying to silence my voice. I am here on earth to do great things but only for a short time… Hopefully, you’ll get the pleasure to experience me.

Uncut: Raw Truth

My scars are awkward
My grin has always been imperfect
The way it performs without notice
But I love my individuality

And he loves my individuality
The erotic way…it oozes from me

I dress in metaphors
Because I am poetry
And he loves my poetry
He loves for me to speak it to him
When he’s inside of me
Getting high in me

He wonders how my hips whispers
his name when I walk
And how I speak passion
…as if I’d gotten my masters in it

I grinned
…& told him I am intense as they come
The fire in me burns with purpose… with completeness
I’m a danger if embraced the wrong way for too long
Because so many have hurt me
But still…
He just couldn’t get enough of me

He wanted me & not just for a nite but wanted to break in my heart
& live eternally

He had fallen in love with me
But I don’t do  love
Love hurts
Love is so beautiful its ugly
I told him

He asked for a chance to change  my view
Adjust my frame
Give me such a stunning…uncut
Raw image
Til I would never look at love the same way

But I still do
Though these days…its not as ugly as it used to be

-India (c) 2016


Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

When my first romance novel, Playing For Keeps was released, I told a family member about my book and explained to her that I  was trying to contact the  company she worked for about advertising for my book. I was in turn told that after she glanced at the cover of my book for no more than a second, that her company didn’t promote “THOSE” type of books. Urban books! Ha! Smh. After explaining to her that Playing For Keeps is a love story and that I didn’t write “THOSE” type of books or really know what “THOSE” type of books were and that my book was classified as urban because I am African American, she sort of developed the deer in headlights look. Although I knew she meant hood books, she was still premature in her judgment of my book, hood books and the word urban in general. Anyway, she said for me to send my book to her and she would let me know her thoughts before I tried to get contact the proper department in her company. Needless to say, I never heard from her again. And that was fine with me because my “URBAN” book graced the amazon bestsellers list for two months and went to go on to do great numbers even after that. Wonder what she’ll say if by the grace of GOD, my “URBAN” book is turned into a huge major motion movie one day…My point is, I just want this to be a lesson to all of you judgmental people to never judge a book by its cover. Playing for keeps is a universal love story that can be classified as a romantic suspense and anyone can relate, no matter what color you are. I write romance and erotica. If you don’t read those genres that’s absolutely fine with me but don’t just assume that by based on the covers of my books that you know exactly what they’re about. Yes my characters, curse sometimes and have lots and lots of sex and think naughty thoughts damn near all of the time… but they also go through traumatic experiences, they deal with personal issues, some struggle with drinking, gambling, police brutality, family issues, misunderstandings,  loss and learning how to love again after having being hurt so bad til they can’t go on. I put my characters through a lot. I give them heavy  burdens to overcome. I make them as human as possible…and I am damn good at it.  So the next time you see a book, please hold your judgment until you’ve at least opened the first page. You just might be surprised…