Feel the fear…

Life is so short…too short to let fear push you in a corner and cower there until it’s safe to come out again. You won’t get anywhere living life like this. Yeah, life is scary & nothing about it is certain but you want to at least be happy or be able to live your life to the fullest while you’re still alive. Live…embrace life. Enjoy it…love it. Grab fear my the horns and jump head first into whatever makes you happy. 

Do  so with caution but jump…jump…believing in yourself….jump knowing that your faith and hard work is going to lead you into a life you’ve always wanted! Don’t let fear stop you…don’t let it strip your smile…bury your dreams…slow your heartbeat….Focus on being happy and free. Believe with all your heart & soul that your dreams are going to come true…then work your ass off and don’t forget to pray! Feel the feel & do it anyway!

What It Takes To Be Successful 

​Was sooooooo down yesterday…was going post something really hateful, evil and hurtful about a person who hurt me … but I told myself I’m better than that (told ya’ll growth is a mutha󾌪but LAWDDDDDD did it take HELL A WILLPOWER ) …plus I’m building a brand so I have to think twice with anything that my name is attached to…if I’m going to continue  be successful. Now while I’m still dealing with the hurt (& trust me it’s HARD as hell… especially when it came from a family member that I trusted with my life) as much as I want to be an ass and do the whole eye for an eye thing… I’m being still for once & leaving it in God’s hands… Though that so is much easier said than done󾌼…but when I woke up this morning to see myself still sitting pretty on the best sellers lists (thanks to my amazing readers ❤) & to a great person I met a while back…(who is also an avid reader) that admitted that she was sleeping on me…but that she  was wrong and she loved Taste Us Together & to the tons of others who have told me they enjoyed by new book since it’s release…I kind of remembered that I got too much going for me & more important things to be concerned about than to put on my petty bonnet & be ignorant…so ya’ll please pray for me because I truly believe that Jesus has got some freaking awesome things in store for me…if I can just stop being hotheaded…. head strong and impatient when I just need to go down somewhere…lol…that’s that damn ♈ in me…I’m working on it thou󾌩󾌩󾌩…I got this…I think! Lmao! #stillaworkinprogress #lordgivemestrength #thatariesinme  #revengeisminesaidthelord #butlordcanipleasejustgetonegoodhit #okayjesusillbegood  #winning #tasteustogether #youbettergetyouacopy

This Is Only The Beginning!

After leaving a good friend’s bridal shower yesterday, I was approached by two former coworkers. Now we only spoke in passing, during the time we worked together, so I knew very little of them on a personal level. Anyway, the first lady came up to me and said,

“I’ve been hearing great things about you. I didn’t know you wrote so many books. Congratulations on all of your success. You’re such an inspiration. Where can I purchase your books? I’m so happy for you.”  Then the second lady approached and said to me,
“Give me a hug girl. I am so proud of you. You really out here doing your thing!”

After thanking them both for their kind words and encouragement and explaining to them where they both could purchase my books, we parted ways. As I moved to my car, I realized that I was still smiling at what just happened to me. And on my forty five minute drive home I got to reflect on just why that was…

You see not only did their words mean the world to me but it let me know that someone is always behind the scenes rooting for you to succeed. Cheering for you to do you best. Praying that you chase your dreams down and never let them go. You never know who you’re an inspiration too. You just never know. And its crazy because I never consider myself to be an inspiration to anyone. I’m just another person who didn’t give up on their dreams…

When I get approached like this it is a truly humbling experience for me.(And it happens more than I realized.) It’s a high I can’t explain. I just truly felt blessed that these ladies even came up to me  to even come up to me in the first place and just tell me such things
Now this may be small to you but to me what they did was encourage me and further solidify that I’m on the right track when it comes to going after my dreams.

Don’t get me wrong tho, I know that, though I’m still paying my dues, I’m definitely on the right track. But I do get discouraged sometimes. I find myself drowning in the negativity of others sometimes. I do find myself listening and worrying more about the people who put me down and discourage me than I do about the people who uplift me. I do wonder if following my dreams is still a good idea at times. I even debate about quitting because I don’t feel like I get the support and love I deserve.

But then I remember, that I really love what I do and my trails are all apart of the process and that as long as I have support of those close to me no matter how small, I’m doing better than I thought…

I was terrified when I decided to chase my dreams and I still am… but when you have people like this in the background, giving you the thumbs up and encouraging you to push through your pain to whatever dream you want to accomplish in life, you know that God has truly blessed you and that this is only the beginning.

So just to be clear, I am truly blessed and this is only just the beginning! 17 books and counting. God is good!



Hopefully… You’ll Get The Pleasure

I write from the heart, with the hope and intention that you enjoy my work but I also write for me. I need to get these stories out of me. To get this poetry out of me. If I keep all of this emotion in me, I’ll explode. I need to record on paper how life makes me feel… Why life makes me feel… Which in my opinion is what makes me a damn good author.

But most won’t give me a chance to let me touch their soul with my words and possibly change some of their views on life into a less judgmental more positive outlook on people like me. People that are so in love with what we do, we bare our naked soul to you through each piece we birth into the world. And I don’t mean the surface of who we are either.

I mean my writings are powerful enough to reach into your heart and control the way it beats for the rest of your life. So please don’t assume that because I am unknown and that I work at another small independent press that my  words aren’t grand enough to change your life.

Stop trying to take my importance from me, stop trying to silence my voice. I am here on earth to do great things but only for a short time… Hopefully, you’ll get the pleasure to experience me.

Uncut: Raw Truth

My scars are awkward
My grin has always been imperfect
The way it performs without notice
But I love my individuality

And he loves my individuality
The erotic way…it oozes from me

I dress in metaphors
Because I am poetry
And he loves my poetry
He loves for me to speak it to him
When he’s inside of me
Getting high in me

He wonders how my hips whispers
his name when I walk
And how I speak passion
…as if I’d gotten my masters in it

I grinned
…& told him I am intense as they come
The fire in me burns with purpose… with completeness
I’m a danger if embraced the wrong way for too long
Because so many have hurt me
But still…
He just couldn’t get enough of me

He wanted me & not just for a nite but wanted to break in my heart
& live eternally

He had fallen in love with me
But I don’t do  love
Love hurts
Love is so beautiful its ugly
I told him

He asked for a chance to change  my view
Adjust my frame
Give me such a stunning…uncut
Raw image
Til I would never look at love the same way

But I still do
Though these days…its not as ugly as it used to be

-India (c) 2016


Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

When my first romance novel, Playing For Keeps was released, I told a family member about my book and explained to her that I  was trying to contact the  company she worked for about advertising for my book. I was in turn told that after she glanced at the cover of my book for no more than a second, that her company didn’t promote “THOSE” type of books. Urban books! Ha! Smh. After explaining to her that Playing For Keeps is a love story and that I didn’t write “THOSE” type of books or really know what “THOSE” type of books were and that my book was classified as urban because I am African American, she sort of developed the deer in headlights look. Although I knew she meant hood books, she was still premature in her judgment of my book, hood books and the word urban in general. Anyway, she said for me to send my book to her and she would let me know her thoughts before I tried to get contact the proper department in her company. Needless to say, I never heard from her again. And that was fine with me because my “URBAN” book graced the amazon bestsellers list for two months and went to go on to do great numbers even after that. Wonder what she’ll say if by the grace of GOD, my “URBAN” book is turned into a huge major motion movie one day…My point is, I just want this to be a lesson to all of you judgmental people to never judge a book by its cover. Playing for keeps is a universal love story that can be classified as a romantic suspense and anyone can relate, no matter what color you are. I write romance and erotica. If you don’t read those genres that’s absolutely fine with me but don’t just assume that by based on the covers of my books that you know exactly what they’re about. Yes my characters, curse sometimes and have lots and lots of sex and think naughty thoughts damn near all of the time… but they also go through traumatic experiences, they deal with personal issues, some struggle with drinking, gambling, police brutality, family issues, misunderstandings,  loss and learning how to love again after having being hurt so bad til they can’t go on. I put my characters through a lot. I give them heavy  burdens to overcome. I make them as human as possible…and I am damn good at it.  So the next time you see a book, please hold your judgment until you’ve at least opened the first page. You just might be surprised…

No Other Soul Will Do

Truth is
I’ve never been with anyone like him before
Hell I’ve never has so many orgasms before

And when we converse…
The world stops on its axis
And only the two of us remain in motion

Its not an experience that I’ve ever shared with another soul before

And after the way I connected with his
No other soul will ever be able to take his place


-India (c) copyrighted 2016

My Pen

He sees me…he really sees me
And not once did he ever cower away

He embraced my wounds as wisdom
And  used my story as his inspiration

He asked to pick my brain nightly
Because my views intrigued him

He was constantly offering me pennies for my thoughts
…& kept mansion jars around to try to catch my tears
So he could dissect my hurt

He closed his eyes and took a long deep breath
…when he held my hand
To prepare him himself
…for our transference of energies

He always sacrificed his positive vibes
…for my negative ones

I asked of him why he constantly did such things
He said because as your pen…
I want to understand who  I need to save

-India (c) copyrighted 2016


He Was Art In Human Form

I wanted to pick his brain
I was so fascinated with his thoughts
His genuine, free spirited thoughts…

I was in love with the way he spoke about life
He spoke of its beauty
…from a view I’d never seen…
…from a peak I’ve never had the pleasure of reaching

I was completely memorized by his experiences
He knowledge was such a turn on
He was the truest soul I’d ever met

He painted mental pictures so vividly
…I swore I was there
I think I fell in love with him at that very moment
…that very second

It was so surreal
It was heaven on earth

He was earth and earth was gorgeous
And kind and chivalrous and erotically sweet

He was art in human form

Damn …just thinking of him…
makes my body deliciously weak…

-India (c) copyrighted 2016